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Mississauga Creations

The artists in this theatre troupe come from diverse backgrounds. Our plays are mostly based on situational comedy, but we have also ventured into plays with serious themes.

Since its inception in 2003, Mississauga Creations has been producing and performing stage plays in Canada as well as in parts of the United States. 

Our latest production, "Dadar Express" was a unique family drama. Our upcoming  productions: "Thirumanam Ungal Choice" !! (Marriage is Your Choice!!)  is a family drama &  "Idhu Konjam Serious (or Serial) Matter !! (This is a Serious or Serial matter !! is a comedy play. These two plays will be inaugurated  in "Sawitri Shorts Theatre Festival" scheduled  for April 2024.  

Partha Sankara, the director and head of this troupe, has a theatre background from India having been a part of Nataka Niketan, a renowned theatre group in Chennai headed by Kalaimamani Shri Delhi Kumar, whom Partha considers as his mentor. As the creative founder of Mississauga Creations, Partha Sankara has acted in, directed, and written all of the troupe’s plays thus far.

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